The teaching Homoeopathic hospital provides facilities for imparting practical and clinical skills to make the clinical studies self-reliant and confident to understand the clinical problem, diagnose the same with accuracy, prescribe a rational medication. Well-established hospital facility is provided for the students to inculcate a sense of research aptitude with Homoeopathic medicine in various clinical fields, render service to the community oriented health problems. Facilities are also provided to train management of emergencies and take active participation in calamities, life supportive systems and its handling. Full-fledged clinical medical, surgical & diagnostic facilities are available in the hospital for the benefits of patients & to provide better exposure to the students. The following essential components are available in the teaching Hospital.

Outdoor Patient Department

The hospital has a well-equipped outpatient department with the sections of medicine (including acute and chronic diseases), surgery (including ear, nose and throat), Gynaecology And Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Dental, Separate Different Departments Room (S.MO. Room, Surgeon Room, E.C.G. Room, Nursing staff room, Dressing Room, Prepration Room, Post Operative Recovery Room, Consultant Room), etc. Outdoor Patient Department of the hospital consists of:

Central O. P.
D.Peripheral O. P. D.

Indoor Patient Department

The college is presently running 30-beded well-equipped I. P. D. with Medicine, Surgery Gynaecology & Obstetrics & Pediatric Wards. There is facility to handle all types of clinical cases. The hospital provides consultants from all fields of Medicine and Rehabilitation. While selecting the experts adequate care is taken to see that the students have a sense of understanding in the basic principles of Homoeopathy. The Hospitals trains the students in appropriate diagnostic techniques, other supportive methodologies, research methodology, supervise the patients and to watch the limitations.